Hi and welcome to Millennial Homesteader! I’m Natalie and my husband is Nic, and were a young married millennial couple. We live in Southern California, more specifically the Inland Empire area. We decided to start this blog to document our journey to learning to live more self sustainable, go back to the basics, be more healthy, more environmentally responsible; basically become modern homesteaders. We document the trials of our journey, both the good and the bad!


We are millennials, as in the “generation.” However, this blog isn’t just for millennials. If you are a millennial and are interested in learning how to homestead, then even better! The name just represents our our point of view as a millennials trying to learn for ourselves how to homestead. Like many people of our same generation, we didn’t grow up farming, but rather in suburban neighborhoods. My husband and I didn’t know anything about gardening, canning, animal husbandry, etc. We had to (and still continue to) learn by reading a lot, by talking to people with experience, and last but not least, just trying it for ourselves and learning by trial and error.

Even with our short time on this journey, we have learned a lot and will continue to keep learning. Therefore, what we hope most about this blog is that it will provide you with a place to go to learn more about homesteading, from people going through it as well. We want to show you how you can get a practical start to your own homesteading journey and hopefully learn from our failures and successes. We are in no way legitimate homesteaders like the ones you hear and read about that “live off the grid” or are completely self sufficient. However, we would love to eventually reach that goal!


We started our homestead journey in 2014 when we put in a garden and got a couple chickens for our suburban backyard. We didn’t have acres and acres of land, we didn’t even have a quarter-acre for that matter. But we made due with the space that we had… That’s when got the homesteading bug and have been wanting to expand on our homesteading capabilities ever since. For the past couple of years we have been dreaming (and praying… alot) about getting some land and starting a small farm. In the beginning of 2016, our dreams finally came true! We sold our suburban home and bought 13 acres in the rural countryside! Follow along with us as we figure this whole homesteading thing out and learn to develop our land into the farmstead of our dreams!


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