How we can eat animals we raise ourselves

“How can you eat animals you raise and care for on a daily basis for weeks and even months? Isn’t it hard?  How can you kill and butcher an animal? Isn’t it sad? How do you keep yourself from getting attached to meat animals? How can you have some animals for meat and others not? Does it bother you when you eat meat from an animal you can put a face to?” These are a number of questions I receive quite often when people find out about our lifestyle, so I figured I would go into a little detail about this. Continue reading


6 ways our life is better since ditching cable and internet

At my regular job, some of my coworkers and I have been planning for our company’s holiday events. One of the events was a 12 Days of Christmas Raffle. We raffled different items every day for 12 days, items such as gift baskets, electronics, gift cards, etc. When we were in the discussion phase of which items to purchase, each person gave some suggestions. I knew something was different when I didn’t even know what some of the suggestions were… mostly in regards to the latest tech-trend gadgets. That got me thinking, how did I not know these things existed? Continue reading